Bold: Part 4 – Bold Prayers

Posted on: August 26th, 2012 by WEC

MONDAY: Read the stories of the following bold people and the prayers they prayed. How do their prayers inspire you to pray more boldly?
– Joshua 10:12-15
– I Samuel 1:10, 20, 27 and 2:1
– I Kings 13:6
– II Kings 6:18
– I Chronicles 4:10
– II Chronicles 32:24

TUESDAY: Elijah’s bold prayers caused a drought to begin and end. Read James 5:16-18. Notice the promise of verse 16. Notice also, that Elijah was a man, like you, in verse 17. If he can pray such bold prayers, so can you. What prayer will you pray today that if God were to answer it, would change the world tomorrow?

WEDNESDAY: Read these promises of God regarding prayer:
– Matthew 21:22
– I John 5:14-15
Last week, we learned that if you believe it deeply, you should speak it boldly. What will you speak boldly for in prayer today?

THURSDAY: Read Jesus’ parables (stories with a point) about prayer in Luke 18:1-14. Summarize the point Jesus was trying to make. Ask questions of the text and consider its implications to your prayer life.

FRIDAY: Read about the first century church’s bold prayers for Peter in Acts 12:1-17. Why do you think the early Christians were surprised by their answered prayer? What are you praying for that is so bold, that God’s “yes” answer might surprise you?

SATURDAY: Choose a verse or a question from this week that really challenged you. Re-read it multiple times, emphasizing a different word each time. Think about why this verse or question is so challenging. What application do you need to take away?